Industry Relationships and Conflict of Interest


Below is a position statement from The CORE Institute regarding our physician relationships with other companies within the healthcare related industry, including but not limited to external medical device companies.

As our name suggests, our physicians, engineers, scientists, and graduate students are actively involved in clinical care, education, and orthopedic research.  Because of our mission, we focus our recruitment efforts on physicians who have superior academic and clinical training, and who also are actively involved in orthopedic research and education directed at advancing orthopedic surgery and improving patient outcomes.  Information about our physicians’ education, training and experience can be accessed here.

Our Division of Research and Development allows us to be actively involved in laboratory research aimed at improving the quality of medical care.  We are currently working on projects studying total knee replacement devices; ways to improve hip fracture implants; improved methods of fracture treatment; and release of antibiotics from implants in an attempt to reduce the risk of post-operative infections.  We are very proud of our success in this field and believe that we have contributed to the improvement in the care of orthopedic conditions.

Because of the qualifications of our physicians and other professionals, we often are approached by companies involved in the or related to the improvement of the healthcare outcomes, processes, management in the healthcare industry and/or development of medical devices, instruments, and related equipment.  Many of these companies know that our physicians have invaluable hands-on experience in the treatment of orthopedic problems, and that orthopedic surgeons frequently make important contributions to the development and improvement of devices and other equipment used in the treatment of orthopedic conditions.  Surgeons and researchers at The CORE Institute are currently working with at least half a dozen companies, both large and very small, to help them create and improve products for patient care.  We also have developed and patented products of our own that we have and/or will license or sell to industry.

Although CORE physicians donate a great deal of their time to the advancement of orthopedic research and education, they also enter into contracts that provide payment for some of their efforts.  Payment for the services provided by orthopedic surgeons may come in the form of hourly consulting fees for services provided by the physicians; royalties based on sales of products to which CORE physicians made important contributions (excluding sales of products used on our patients); and/or outright purchase of technologies.  All of these transactions are compliant with all federal and state laws.

The following is a current list of the CORE physicians who have contractual relationships with other healthcare related industry companies:

Damon Adamany, MD Arthrex, Inc.
Damon Adamany, MD Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Michael Amini, MD Stryker Orthopaedics
Ali Araghi, DO Bonovo
Ali Araghi, DO Globus Medical
Ali Araghi, DO ISOI N/A
Ali Araghi, DO Plasmology4, Inc.
Ali Araghi, DO Surgalign
Arash Araghi, DO Plasmology4, Inc.
David Ben-Aviv, MD Plasmology4, Inc.
John Brown, MD Catalyst
John Brown, MD FX Shoulder
John Brown, MD Stryker Orthopaedics
Kalynn Burrows PA-C Molnlycke Health Care US
Mark Campbell, MD Arthrex, Inc.
Mark Campbell, MD Bioventus
Mark Campbell, MD Stryker Orthopaedics
Norman Chutkan, MD Globus Medical
Anuj Daftari, MD Advanzeon Solutions, Inc.
Anuj Daftari, MD Health Point Capital
Anuj Daftari, MD Peleton
Amalia De Comas, MD Plasmology4, Inc.
Niloofar Dehghan, MD Acumed
Niloofar Dehghan, MD Bioventus
Niloofar Dehghan, MD ITS
Niloofar Dehghan, MD Stryker Orthopaedics
Niloofar Dehghan, MD Zimmer Biomet
Scott Edwards, MD Medartis
Scott Edwards, MD Mylad Orthopedic Solutions, LLC N/A
Melissa Galli, DPM Artelon
Melissa Galli, DPM GLW Medical Device
Melissa Galli, DPM Modern Vascular
Melissa Galli, DPM Stryker Orthopaedics
Jessica Hepburn, PA-C Medtronic
Jeffrey Holmes, DPM Flower Orthopedics
Jeffrey Holmes, DPM Modern Vascular
Jeffrey Holmes, DPM Parcus Medical, LLC
David Jackson, MD NuVasive, Inc.
David J. Jacofsky, MD Plasmology4, Inc.
David J. Jacofsky, MD Safe Independence, LLC
David J. Jacofsky, MD Stryker Orthopaedics
Marc Jacofsky, PhD DePuy Mitek
Kelly Krohn, MD Radius Pharmaceuticals
Sarah Muller, PA-C Plasmology4, Inc.
Sarah Muller, PA-C Safe Independence LLC
Sarah Muller, PA-C Stryker Orthopaedics
Steven L. Myerthall, MD Plasmology4, Inc.
Steven L. Myerthall, MD Stryker Orthopaedics
Tony Nguyen, MD DePuy Mitek
Jason Scalise, MD Plasmology4, Inc.
Ryan Scott, DPM Artelon
Ryan Scott, DPM Medline
Ryan Scott, DPM Modern Vascular
Ryan Scott, DPM Parcus Medical, LLC
Ryan Scott, DPM Plasmology4, Inc.
Ryan Scott, DPM Wright Medical Technology, Inc.
Scott Siverhus, MD DJO Global
Tharesh Udupa, DPM Abbvie
Tharesh Udupa, DPM At Home Health N/A
Tharesh Udupa, DPM Modern Vascular
Bryan Wall, MD Skineez
Bryan Wall, MD Plasmology4, Inc.
The CORE Institute Safe Independence, LLC
The CORE Institute Stryker Orthopaedics


Many of our Physicians have an indirect ownership in The CORE Institute Specialty Hospital, a Physician owned hospital,, Banner Surgery Center – Union Hills, Elevation Surgery Center, Sunrise Ambulatory Surgery Center, Tri-City Surgery Center, Bone and Joint Surgery Center of Novi, and Lakes Surgery Center.

If your care might involve the placement of a medical device, please feel free to ask your surgeon about his or her recommendation as to what type of device best suits your needs.

We hope this clarifies the nature of our involvement in orthopedic research and development leading to advances in orthopedic care.  We are proud to remain leaders in innovation and are honored to have such a talented orthopedic research staff at The CORE Institute.  As always, we remain committed to complete transparency and disclosure with our patients, and we welcome your questions on this or any subject relating to your care.

Contact The CORE Institute today for more information about our orthopedic surgeons, our missionpatient resourcesour research and more.