You may not realize that The CORE Institute physicians, as experts in their specialty, are also teaching the next generation of physicians in the latest advances, research and techniques in orthopedics and musculoskeletal medicine through The CORE Institute’s nationally recognized Fellowship training programs.

Fellows are fully licensed physicians who have completed residency training in orthopedics or musculoskeletal medicine and are choosing to participate in an additional year-long rigorous course of advanced and fully supervised training in a specific area.

Exclusive training

Options for these doctors include an emphasis on either joint reconstruction and replacement surgery, shoulder surgery, trauma surgery, foot and ankle surgery or interventional spine/pain management, said Jason Scalise, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon with The CORE Institute who specializes in shoulder reconstruction. In addition, the Hand Surgery Fellowship that The CORE Institute began in conjunction with the University of Arizona is the only Hand Surgery Fellowship training program in Arizona.

This year, 11 Fellows are enrolled in The CORE Institute’s Fellowship programs. “Residency programs are known for training physicians to be well-versed in all aspects of orthopedics and musculoskeletal care,” Dr. Scalise said. “But the year spent in Fellowship training is a focused time in that area that provides a much higher degree of competency and expertise in that discipline.” The CORE Institute has had dedicated Fellowship programs since its inception in 2005, and it has always been “integral to what we do—providing education and training for highly qualified physicians, always innovating and improving overall patient care,” Dr. Scalise said.

An advanced opportunity in high demand

The Fellowship program is highly competitive, he said. For all of the Fellowship positions, the institute receives hundreds of applications from candidates each year from all over the U.S. and the world for just a handful of positions.  “These are highly sought-after positions given the track record of training, rigor and expertise that The CORE Institute provides,” Dr. Scalise said. “The candidates know that a year spent with us will be intense but rewarding.”

The physicians at The CORE Institute are themselves fellowship-trained, he added. “The level of difficulty and complexity in modern orthopedics is so high now that without dedicated fellowship training, it’s challenging to be at that level without it. There’s simply not enough time to learn everything in five years of orthopedic training if you want to be the best at what you do.”

Dedicated training

Not only do the Fellows learn a lot, he said, the trainers—fellowship-trained surgeons and mentors on staff at The CORE Institute–—learn a lot, too. “The mentors have to maintain the highest level of expertise to be able to properly train those in the fellowship program.”

So “the next time you see a CORE Institute physician teaching and educating another well- trained physician in the clinic or the operating room,” Dr. Scalise said, “you’ll know that The CORE Institute is continuing its mission of education and innovation for the next generation of experts and by doing so, holding itself to the highest possible standards.”


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