Dr. Shad Siddiqi knows all about pain. Personally, and professionally. He knows pain can be debilitating; it affects your mood, your ability to focus and puts added pressure on your relationships. He is one of The CORE Institute’s premier Pain Management Specialists in Michigan, his home state. And currently, he’s in pain himself, so he understands the plight of his patients.

“I was in a car accident and broke a small bone in my hand,” Dr. Siddiqi says. “It impacts every aspect of your life — and your family’s life.”

While his pain will inevitably heal and fade, he knows it’s not the same for many of his patients. He started his career practicing anesthesiology but found he missed the clinic life — seeing and caring for patients for periods of time, seeing their successes and helping them with their on-going challenges.

“Debilitating pain can affect your lifestyle and create stress on your family, too,” says Dr. Siddiqi. “Pain is such a huge topic right now and it’s challenging, which is the part I love. It’s not a one-size-fits-all field. The opioid epidemic is certainly at the forefront.

“Some patients around the country were prescribed this appropriately, but, unfortunately, others were prescribed inappropriately. It certainly was not a cure like some may have once thought. I try to educate my patients about the different types of pain management — both conventional and unconventional. There are a lot of cutting-edge treatments and therapies evolving in the field that are revolutionizing pain management. Even at-home healthy practices like Thai Chi and yoga have been shown to help patients manage chronic pain,” Dr. Siddiqi says.

Dr. Siddiqi explains that pain management needs to be specialized to the individual patient. What works for one person may not work for another. Recent advancements in medical management, including new non-opioid medication for pain, nerve blocks, infusion therapies, spinal cord stimulation, and regenerative medicine, are all at the forefront of the pain management practice.

The key to any successful treatment, according to Dr. Siddiqi, is knowing the source of your pain. That can confuse many patients. Certain types of pain that are felt in one part of the body may originate from another part of the body. This is where a pain management specialist comes into play. From chronic neck and back pain to headaches and fibromyalgia to post-surgery healing, he works to identify the source and, whenever possible, eliminate the pain.

“If pain is affecting your daily life, it’s time to see your doctor,” Dr. Siddiqi says. “You don’t have to live with pain and neither does your family. You don’t have to settle for that lifestyle. There are so many pain management options that can be tailored to your individual needs and dramatically improve the quality of your life.”



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