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Check Your Spine

April 14, 2021

Balance issues, clumsy hands could be a bad sign — Cervical Laminoplasty stops myelopathy in its tracks   While one may think tingling hands or balance issues may be a sign of age, they could indicate something more. According to Joseph Maslak, MD, a Fellowship Trained Orthopedic Spine Surgeon with The CORE Institute, these symptoms […]

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Faster Service… No Appointment Necessary!

The CORE Institute’s Urgent Ortho clinics deliver fast care for orthopedic injuries We’ve all been there at one time or another: ending an afternoon bike ride abruptly because of a throbbing ankle, wrestling with the family dog and losing after a knee gives way, or simply getting out of bed and feeling seizing back pain. […]

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Comfort In Care

Study examines patient modesty concerns and a novel approach to solving them   For as long as most of us can probably remember, it’s been standard practice to remove all street clothes, including underwear, before surgery. Patients are then asked to wear a loose-fitting gown into surgery with an open back that allows a surgeon […]

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The Journey Back

December 17, 2020

The Journey Back By Brian Sodoma John Lopez doesn’t like to sit around much. The Arizona native was always active as a child and in his adult years. Even after retiring from a career in telecommunications, he enjoyed competing in large walking and running events to benefit charities and dabbling in different types of exercise […]

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New Table, Fewer Complications

New Table, Fewer Complications Post-free hip arthroscopy comes to The CORE Institute By Julie Maurer A surgeon at The CORE Institute is the first in Arizona to incorporate new technology during hip arthroscopy that can significantly reduce the risk of complications for patients. Dr. Michael Rose, an orthopedic sports medicine surgeon, practiced in Denver, Colorado […]

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